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    Size of ATFs in GPU memory bigger than size of ATFs on disk


      Hi guys,
      I've been stumped for the last 2 days trying to figure out why the size of an ATF when it is loaded into GPU memory is bigger than the size of the ATF on disk.

      I have a 2Kx2K ATF texture for PVRTC 4bpp, no mipmaps, so size on disk is about 2 Megs. That makes sense since if I do the math I get: (4x2048x2048)/8 = 2 Megs. My understanding is that when I upload this texture to the GPU, it should be uploaded directly and should occupy 2 Megs as well, thus an 8 times improvement over using RGBA. When I tested it, I noticed in Adobe scout that the GPU Memory (Base Compressed section of Average GPU Memory in Scout), is reporting 6 Megs being used, which is 3 times bigger than what I would have expected. I am baffled by these findings, and wonder if anyone here has any clue or hint as to why this is happening. Any ideas, and anyone else experience that?