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    Exporter Plugin for Intel Quicksync H264 encoder?

    nvenc4everyone Level 1

      A while ago, Intel released a free (beta) Adobe CS5 plugin for Intel Quicksync enabled processors.  The plugin encoded H264 video using Intel Quicksync technology.  Unfortunately, Intel abandoned further development (and users reported it had some color-shift problems.)


      Does anyone have firsthand experience with it?  Compared to the Mainconcept H264 plugin (that comes with Adobe CS5), how much faster was the Quicksync plugin?


      I want to compare its speed with NVidia's NVENC, a competing H264 hardware-accelerated encoder (which is already known to be slower than Quicksync under optimal conditions.)

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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          Last I checked Go Pro had a software version that used Quicksync as well. I tested Quicksync here back when it was a Beta plugin install. The render times were significantly faster than the MPE export times because the encoding was accelerated versus certain aspects of the frame. I however did not compare the overall quality of frames between the 2. You might want to check with Go Pro and see which version they have that supports Quicksync if any still.




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            nvenc4everyone Level 1

            Thanks, the NVENC plugin that I'm working on is pretty much done from a video standpoint.  Well, I've done as much as I can with the beta-SDK; it won't do interlaced video (progressive only) or stereoscopic video, but the main features are there.  For straight encoding only (using Adobe Media Encoder CS6), I see roughly a 3-4x speed gain using my NVENC-exporter vs the Mainconcept H264 Bluray exporter, at 1080p.  At 3840x2160, the speed gain drops to 2-2.5x (not sure why), which makes it barely worthwhile.  Comparing image-quality at comparable bitrates, Mainconcept wins (as expected.)  For encoding low bitrate videos for uploading/streaming to the web, it seems that no hardware-based H264 encoder can compete with a good software-based encoder (such as the open-source x264 encoder.)


            Keep in mind this is a 'proof-of-concept' exporter; as such it only encodes video.  No audio, so it's not really usable by normal end-users, and currently it's really interesting from an academic standpoint.


            After reading about the enhancements in Intel's upcoming Haswell processor, I'm debating whether it's worthwhile to continue this experiment. Quicksync on Ivy Bridge is already multiple X faster than Nvidia NVENC (or AMD VCE), and Haswell will increase that gap quite a bit.

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              Do you have the beta NVENC SDK? The final version does not work with GeForce cards, it appears - there's no GUID license key. I'd like to develop NVENC tools too, but NVIDIA has pretty much forced one to buy its $1000+ Quadro/Tesla GPUs.