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    Rendering any project with UltraKey Causes PPro CS6 to Crash


      I have a fairly simple project - just a few clips, no transitions, but there is one segment where I use Ultrakey to key out a green screem, and replace it with a background shot that appears to be moving randomly (just me moving the camera).


      When PPro CS6 starts to render that section of the project, it causes my NVidia GTX570 GPU driver to crash!  Once the driver crashes, PPro CS6 crashes along side it!


      This is 100% reproducable.


      If I disable the Ultrakey effect in the project, the render completes just fine.


      All footage was shot on a Canon 5D mk III.


      CS6 is fully updated.  I reinstalled the NVidia display drivers, and I even reinstalled CS6  Production Premium, but it still crashes.


      Any ideas how to fix this?