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    Give, pls, a hint, how to find not allowed plates in doc?


      I have a black'n'white document with tons of imported graphic. There are some pictures (*.ai, *.eps) that aren't in greyscale model and have some CMY-componet. How to find them? (sure, i can in separation preview unchek black and scroll through doc. But this way isn't ours ))

      So far i got:


      var aD = app.activeDocument;

      for(i = 0; i<aD.allGraphics.length; i++){

      var myGraphic = aD.allGraphics[i];

      //~ $.bp();

      if(myGraphic.imageTypeName=='Image' || myGraphic.imageTypeName=='EPS' || myGraphic.imageTypeName=='PDF') {

           if (myGraphic.space == "CMYK"){ ////////////////// this doesn't work, cause "space" isn't availible graphic's property

           PagNum = myGraphic.parent.parentPage.name;