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    Error using insertPages function - Acrobat X Standard


      Hi there!


      i hope you can help me, since Acrobat support avoids to help me because of OEM :/


      I try to add several pages in a PDF using Javascript.


      I am getting the following message:

      NotAllowedError: Security settings prevent access to this property or method. .

      Doc.insertPages:7:Field Produktionsauftrag dt:Mouse Up


      My code:




           nPage: 0,

           cPath: "/H/Produktionsauftrag_Deutsch.pdf",

           nStart: 0,

           nEnd: 13




      I already found a solution - but that solution is pain.


      if i insert the PDF with the button using insertPages to this location it works:





      I have many many folders and subfolders where dozens of copys can appear.

      Acrobat is not smart enough to include all of the subfolders.


      In my case it is the shared network drive I:

      in the Folder I, there are several subfolders like I: 200, 300, 400, 500 and many coming.

      If the PDF is in Folder I: it works. If it is in folder I:\200 it won't.


      So if someone is creating a new folder e.g. 700 and copy the PDF into it, the insertPages wont work, because the folder is not trusted anymore.


      Is there an option to avoid this?


      I hope you can help me

      Thank you very much in advance!