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    how to display product information?

    creative83 Level 1


      To display multiple product information. Example can be tesco walmart sites, where we have all the product listed on landing page and then when I click on it it displays detailed product page.


      What approach I can take? I have below options in my mind:


      1) I will create Page for each product and will hide them in Navigation. So my product information is stored on each page.

      2) I will store product information in productList component provided by geometrixx site and will create single page and pass the productID in the URL and display the information of multiple product by reading the productList component data.


      Which one you feel is the good approach to implement? What are the advantages and disadvantages of above to options?

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          Jitu Tomar

          Hi Ujjval,


          my recommendation is prepare a list of Product Object. Each Product Object will have all info relate to that Product. Once you prepared list in java side.

          Simple display whole list of product on home page.

          Preparing list of product is best option.because you don't have to get java bean invoked for each product. get all product info in once shot.


          implementation for instance

                                   loop of product list

                                  <div id="<productID>">

                                                  brief product info and add links for details info. details info should call java script API n show or hide product detail info


                                   <div id="detailsInfo<ProductID>">

                                                 show full details of product along wth brief info. by default it info should be hidden.




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            creative83 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. CQ5 provides productList component. That stores the product details in it as nodes, instead of creating pages.


            So should I use that to store the product information in JCR?


            Also if I store the information in productList as nodes, then I when I attach the workflow with that, It shows the node link in worflow which is not userfriendly.


            I am sure I am not the first one to impliment the products, so wanted to know what people does?


            Do they create hidden in navigation pages for each product or jsut store the product information in ProductList and then display logic may be different for each one. Or anything else.