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    FormsCentral PDFs not working for Linux and Unix users

    JK-IN-THE-UK Level 1

      I recently created a PDF (using Indesign > Acrobat IX Pro > Formscentral [AFC]) that includes radio buttons, form fields, linked videos set to play in the PDF once clicked and (after running through AFC) a submit button.


      The form has been distributed and we have already had hundreds of successful responses collected in the AFC site, all is working well there.


      One major problem we are having is that we have a lot of Linux/Unix users and the response from them is that they can't activate the videos, the form fields are out of kilter alignmentwise and the submit button does not work. Even when using the proper Adobe Acrobat Reader (v9, for example).


      Is the Adobe development team aware of problems such as these for Linux/Unix platforms and is there a suggested fix that they know of?


      The link to the actual file is here: http://cms.iopscience.iop.org/alfresco/d/d/workspace/SpacesStore/b5a48eac-8642-11e2-8cf8-e 50acbc9fd86/NJP-Video-Abstracts-Competition-2013.pdf


      Thanks in advance