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    Weird problem with fonts in IE9

    Prokreacja.com s.c.



      I built a site for my client - 99% done in Edge and then put into HTML wrapper documents in Dreamweaver. Everything works just fine in all browsers, except for IE9 or 10, where I have a weird issue with Polish fonts.


      Take a look at this site (using IE of course): http://www.prokreacja.com/clients/hachette/maximumride/o-ksiazkach.html

      and then pick any of the books. Even if you don't know Polish you'll notice there are some weird characters in the text that don't show up in any of the other browsers. What's even more interesting if you go directly to the edge assets for that page
      http://www.prokreacja.com/clients/hachette/maximumride/edgeanimate_assets/o-ksiazkach/Asse ts/o-ksiazkach.html you'll see everything is ok there.


      You could thnk something is wrong with the wrapper HTML page done in Dreamweaver then. It's not that simple however. If you take a look at other pair of pages

      http://www.prokreacja.com/clients/hachette/maximumride/o-autorze.html and http://www.prokreacja.com/clients/hachette/maximumride/edgeanimate_assets/o-autorze/Assets /o-autorze.html

      you'll notice they are both ok, and of course from technical point of view they are made exactly the same way with all language specific properties set in the same fashion.


      Any idea why this is working in one case and not in the other? The problem applies not only to the text fields, but also to tool tips over images etc.


      I'd be really grateful for some help on that.