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    Problems With Revel Albums


      I have URLs posted on a web site that bring up my albums.  Now that my albums have been transferred to Revel tgher are many problems.  The pictures are not in the right order (by name), some albums do not have all the pictures in them, and there seems to be no way for the user of the web site to get back to my web site from the album.  What do I do?

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          Pattie F Employee Moderator



          Your old Photoshop.com links to albums will be redirected to your Revel albums at the completion of migration. At this time, there is not a way to reorganize the order of the photos in the album.


          Your old Photoshop.com links to individual photos or galleries will no longer work when Photoshop.com is discontinued in June.


          We realize that at this time Revel does not have all of the features previously offered on Photoshop. com. We are working hard to collect input and upgrade the program to meet your needs. The Revel team is working hard to bring Revel up to speed with photoshop.com's capabilities while also maintaining the ability to sync your photos to all your devices (desktop as well as mobile...something Photoshop.com doesn't do). We have many plans for upgrades to platforms, file types, and features moving forward.