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    Liveaction to shortcircuit roll-out

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      I am using CQ 5.6.


      I could not find any information about the possibility of a liveaction to terminate the rollout for a certain resource. I have a blueprint website of which certain parts of the content should be copied to several distinct livecopies based on certain conditions. If the conditions are not met, the content should not be copied to that specific livecopy. On the other hand, if the conditions are met, I would just want the default roll-out configuration to kick in.


      I was wondering if it was possible to shortcircuit the whole roll-out configuration from a new custom liveaction in order to stop the default rollout (to copy the resource), based on the evaluation of my criteria.

      Or is there another (better/recommended) way to achieve this kind of behaviour?


      Thanks for any suggestions on this,



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          Are you able to rollout the components from desktop site to other one

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            lufecir28 Level 1

            Hello Himanshu,


            I'm not sure I understand your question.

            If you mean if I have been able to roll-out changes from a blueprint site to a livecopy site, the answer is 'yes'. This works fine, just as it is described in the documentation.


            If that was not wat you wanted to know, could you please elaborate?


            Kind regards,



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              Hello Lufecir,

              If we go through the geomatrixx-outdoor we have few mobile components there.

              For example




              Via rollout configuration from etc/msm/rollouts i am able to create a live copy from template A to template B.

              Now if i rollout a component like geomatrixx-outdoors it will not replacing the component as per demonstrated in geomatrixx.


              I need to replace the sling:resourceType of component A which is in desktop from the component B for mobile site.

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                Hello Himanshu,


                I'm sorry, but I am quite new to CQ and completely new to rollouts. So I have not yet created a custom rollout that replaces components. So I'm afraid I won't be able to help you.


                Good luck with it.


                Kind regards.



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                  Hi All,


                  I have picked up this issue again, but I'm still a bit stuck on the best way to achieve the result I want (namely copying certain resources only to specific target sites and excluding it from other target sites).


                  I have been digging a bit further and would expect to be able to achieve the result I want  by using the following strategy:

                  * I create a new LiveAction class, which will be the first one in my rollout configuration. It will execute the following logic:

                    - If a resource should be rolled out to the currently handled target site, it just finishes and does nothing (or perhaps update the LiveRelationship if necessary). The other LiveActions from the rollout config will then execute the expected copy/delete/update/... behaviour

                    - If a resource should NOT be rolled out to the currently handlet target site, the LiveAction will throw an exception. But then I would need to make the RolloutExceptionHandler to just ignore this exception and make sure the rollout can continue. And I can't seem to find a way to override the RolloutExceptionHandler or to provide my own implementation.


                  So if there is anyone out there who might have some ideas on how to handle this best, his advice would be greatly appreciated.