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    AVC Intra 100 P2: Artifacts in picture while playing from timeline



      [url=http://postimage.org/]upload pic[/url]



      Hi all,


      I've been getting weird and brief artifacts when playing from the timeline, as (hopefully) can be seen in the image above. It usually happens after I Roll an edit point backwards or forwards. Moreover, when I check the original clip in the source monitor, the same artifact appears at the same point.


      Restarting Premiere usually fixes this, but it's been happening while I'm working with a client, so I need to figure out what's going on.


      The files are

      AVCIntra100 (100Mbit/Sek) 1080i/25PN (1080 x 1920 = FullHD) 10bit / 4:2:2


      I'm running Premiere cs6 *v6.03* on an i7 3630qm laptop with 32gb RAM, Nvidia gtx670mx, and 3gb of dedicated video ram


      Hopefully someone has experienced this problem before (so I don't feel alone!) and has identified the cause.


      Many thanks.