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    Open iphoto folder in mini bridge


      I can navigate through my HD to my image and I know the path - however when I open bridge or mini bridge in InDesign it is not there. How can I use an image from within my iPhoto Library in In-design mini bridge?


      PS Please dont point me to the tutorial - I have watched that!

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The iPhoto Library on the Macintosh is not stored as a searchable folder when you view it from the Finder on the Macintosh. Nor can Bridge or MiniBridge view the images within it. (If you look at it in the Finder it's a single file, and I believe the Macintosh stores it as a "package" file, a container file for the images.)


          If you want to place files from iPhoto, you have two options. You can open iPhoto, and you can export out the images you need. Or, you can use the Place command in InDesign. The Macintosh does give access to media in the iPhoto library (and I think movie files) in Open and Place dialogs (but Open wouldn't work in InDesign). As you see in the illustration below, at the bottom of the sidebar is a section that includes "Photos" and that previews images from the iPhoto Library in InDesign.