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    File browseForSave and copyTo/copyToAsync error/bug


      hello everyone,


      i have an issue with the coptoAsync and the browseForSave dialogue.


      i made a application that saves all of it's data in a temp directory created with File.createTempDirectory();


      every time something is adjusted or changed, the file will be saved again in the temp directory in the background.

      when "save" is pressed the "browseForSave" dialogue will popup, and will be able to save it locally anywhere you want.

      i also build a "save as" function, this is weher the fun starts. After saving and pressing the "save as" button, i get a error.


      When "save" is triggerd and run, the path to the location is saved. when "save as" is triggerd it will use this path for the "browseForSave" dialogue. but when you want to overwrite something strange will happen, it doesn't show the overwrite window (at first).

      the "save" path is "/Users/maxtroost/Desktop/test.zip"

      the "save as" path after browseForSave is "/Users/maxtroost/Desktop/test.zip/test.zip"


      this will trigger a IO Error 2038/2044.


      i handled this issue by checking the file afterwards, and correcting it.

      but when i try a second time i did get the overwrite window, the 3th time i don't get it, the 4th i do, and so on..


      there is nothing out there that will explain it.


      i hope somebody can help me.