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    Update Adobe Flash Player popup notice while disabled in mms.cfg




      For some years we distribute Flash Player successfully to 2000+ workstation (with ConfigMgr 2012).

      Updates are disabled via mms.cfg. This file isn't touched in years, always did his job.

      Recently the deployment of Flash Player 11.6.602.171 was started to all workstations and some users reported a popup notice to update Flash Player. This popup notice appeared at startup, after the computer was rebooted.


      In Windows Control Panel in the Flash Player Settings Manager > Advanced-tab, the "Never check for update" is selected (and greyed out when viewing with a normal user account).

      Users don't have local admin rights, so they cannot change the update settings themself.


      We delete the FlashUpdateService (AdobeFlashPlayerUpdateSvc) and FlashPlayerUpdateService.exe file. And all scheduled task related to Adobe Flash Player.


      Someone who has the same issue or a clue where that popup was triggered?


      Some more info;

      • Flash Player version 11.6.602.171 (ActiveX only, no Plug-in Flash Player installed)
      • 32bit MSI file (install_flash_player_11_active_x.msi)
      • Windows 7 x64 SP1
      • mms.cfg only contains AutoUpdateDisable=1, and is saved in UTF8-encoding.
      • mms.cfg is saved under %windir%\SysWOW64\ (That is; C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash).
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