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    Audio Out of Sync with Video in timeline

    Roy Harper2

      Hello - I have 1080p footage shot @ 24fps that will not syn up with a seperate WAVE file in the audio timeline.  The 24bit 96k audio was recorded seperatley via a mixing desk and imported to sync with live concert camera footage shot in 24p. This has never been a problem before syncing but we have a new camera. I can see the camera stock audio waveform and the seperate mixing desk audio where they are not syncing but CS6 will not allow me to move the WAVE audio over to line up exactly. Snapping is off but CS6 wants to jump the audio in incriments that do not allow an exact sync visually with the waveforms.  It's as if the the snapping function is on. I have exploded the audio and camera footage to the most magnified. It just needs a little nudge instead of wanting to jump a whole frame. Is there a way to move just the audio wave file over in tighter incriments?


      Thanks for any help.