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    Time Stamps and Signatures


      We are trying to have the current time and date stamped along with our signature.  We found in the Adobe menu, under “Sign>Work with certificates>Time Stamp Document – it is in here there is a request for information we do not know how to retrieve….We are not sure if this is the way to have the date and time appear with our signature.  If you know of a better method, please advise.


      We are currently using Acobat version 11.

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          IsakTen Level 4

          I am confused as to what you want to do. Are you using certificate-based signatures? The rest of this response applies to this case.

          Do you want a secure timestamp applied to your signature or do you want the signing time from the signer's computer to appear in the signature appearance?

          You can apply a secure timestamp either to a digital signature or to the whole document. The latter is an invisible signature created by the timestamp server. In both cases you need an access to a timestamp server which provides secure time. You configure the timestamp server in the Edit->Preferences->Signatures->Document Timestamping->More... and mark the timestamp server you want to use (you may have several configured) as the Default one. Then when you digitally sign a document Acrobat will automatically add the timestamp to the signature.

          If you want to just see the signing time in the signature appearance then by default Acrobat includes it in its default appearance. If you want to set up a custom signature appearance you can do that in Edit->Preferences->Signatures->Creation and Appearance. You will find details in the Acrobat Help http://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat.html.