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    How To Install Plug-Ins On Mac OS X 10.75?


      Hi there all. At work, I have use a shared computer, and installed all my Creative Cloud Adobe products on my user account. I downloaded a 3rd Party Plug-In for Premiere Pro CS6, and followed the instructions to install by going to Library>Application Support>Adobe>Common and this is where I am told a path should be that leads me to Plug-Ins>CS6>MediaCore.


      This is what I have in that folder:

      Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 11.02.03 AM.png


      I also looked through to User>Applications>Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and have two folders present, Configuration & Presets.


      I uninstalled the Premiere Pro CS6 Family, and re-installed, thinking it was a wonky install, but same results.


      I am a bit confused at this point as to how to proceed. Any ideas? Am I to install in the After Effects Plug-Ins folder?


      Thank you for your help!