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    Should I update to CUDA Driver Version 5.0.37 on my Mac?


      A few months ago I was given a lot of helpful advice on this forum about installing a GTX 660ti card into my Mac so I could make use of the Mercury engine in Prem Pro CS6.


      Here is the former thread for anyone who's interested: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4831609


      Obviously it's a bit of a fudge using a GTX 660ti in a Mac, but it has been working for me mostly in the last few months. Yeah I've had some annoying crashes now and again but I'm never sure if that's down to the Cuda card, the Blackmagic card I'm also using or Magic Bullet and Neat Video plugins I use a lot.


      Anyway today my Mac has thrown up a message that Cuda Driver Version 5.0.37 is available and the 'update is required'.


      Should I install it? The obvious reason for my apprehension is it may undue the fudge that currently allows the Cuda card to work in my Mac. On the other hand it might make my Mac more stable.


      So, anyone got any advice?


      Here's my setup:

      Mac Pro 4,1

      2 x 2.26GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon (2 processors, 8 cores)

      32GB RAM (DDR3 1066Mhz)

      Nvidia GTX 660ti

      Black Magic Decklink HD Extreme 3D+

      x4 3TB 7200rpm Internal hard drives (i.e. 1 root drive and x3 for footage)

      OS X Version 10.8.3 Mountain Lion