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    Gaussian Blur displays smaller in CS4


      I'm using Mac OSX and have just upgraded to CS4, from Illustrator 10. Our house style is a gaussian blur of 10 pixels, but it doesn't display correctly in CS4 - it's much thinner. I've had this problem before and just exported from CS4 then created the blur in Illustrator 10. On Wednesday last week I tried CS4 again and the blurs displayed at the correct size, then on Friday afternoon (I had used the blur tool successfully in the morning) it started making the blurs too thin again.


      It's set to 100% on all the different projects with 10 pixel blur, so why are my gaussian blurs thinner in some and not others in CS4, but all the correct width in Illustrator 10?


      This is really frustrating as it would be such a waste of money not to be able to use CS4, and have to go back to Illustrator 10.