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    CS3 hangs on multiple document data merge


      I am using data merge to create documents for high school graduation issues for two different high schools for the newspaper I work for.


      For each school, I have created a single document data merge to print proofs of the individual students. For the first and largest school,


      I've done a successful test run of a multiple document data merge of all the students. I then used the Excel .txt file from high school #1 to create the .txt file for high school #2. We have successfully done the individual data merges for proofs for each of the students in high school #2.


      However, when I try to run the multiple document data merge for high school #2, InDesign gives me the spinning wheel of death. Forever.


      I cand run or preview a single item, but it hangs up if I try to run them all or a range (even just 1-2).


      I am stumped as to why in what are basically the same documents one works and the other does not. Can anyone help?