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    Changing search result rankings


      We are running Adobe Robohelp 9 with Webhelp output. We have a number of articles that mention a product called DCO. This week, we've added an unrelated article called DCoE, but we have not found a way to search for DCoE without it ever getting better than a 63rd place in the rankings. If we search for dcoe or "dcoe" in quotes, it is still giving us dozens of DCO articles in response with higher weight.


      This will be even more problematic soon because we will have dozens of DCoE articles and anyone searching for them should NOT see any DCO results. I know that Robohelp's search algorithm has been problem w/r/t three character searches, but I didn't expect problems with a four character search bringing back tons of three character results.


      We tried adding additional H1s, H2s, etc to the article as white on white text, we tried adding Synonyms with dco = dco and dcoe = dcoe. Nothing is working. The correct words are in the keywords. But the problem seems to be that the search for dcoe is pulling just a part of that word and giving us results.


      "Enable Substring Search" is NOT selected when we publish.


      What do?