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    A Menu class and its elements

      I'm coding a website that contains a menu, on the right (use the login: demo)

      This menu is composed of three classes (separate AS files).
      UIButton class: each button of the menu.
      CreationMenuUI class: where the buttons are placed in a holder movie clip.
      MenuDesChapitres class: deals with navigation if the menu is too long.

      The menu functions correctly. If you click on one menu element, a red dot appears. If you select another element, another red dot appears, but, i don't know how to remove the other dot...

      I'm not sure if my code is more complex than it should. The UIButton class exists to take care of the mouse-over, mouse-out event proper to each element. I think the CreationMenuUI Class should be responsible to change the state of each button, or, at least, keep track of what should be changed (the red dot).

      I would appreciate some light here, or any suggestions to perform this kind of menu.