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    Having problems with the brush tool and color box


      I'm using photoshop elements 11 with window 7. I was using the lasso tool to color a section. Worked fine, but then I wanted to remove the lasso and could do it. So I started looking around and clicked on something that said remove color - this can not be undone. I clicked on that and now when I use the brush tool with the color box I only get one color a greyish rose. No matter which color I choose, I only get the rose grey when I go to brush the color on my image. Anybody else experience this?

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          hatstead Adobe Community Professional

          The lasso tool is not appropriate for coloring. It is used to make a selection.

          Do the following:


          1. Set you forground color chip to the color that you wish to use
          2. Use the lasso tool to select the object. Go around the object to select it. You should see "marching ants" when the selection is complete
          3. Open a blank layer above the background layer
          4. Get the Paintbucket tool out of the tool box, and left click on the blank layer to fill the selection with a solid color