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    Relink & Fit to content multiple images

    evan a diaz

      Using InDesign CS6 w/ Mac


      I've got a document with multiple different images (2000+), I want to replace all of them with 1 single image and Fit Frame to Content them all. Is this possible? I've searched extensively but can't find the answer anywhere!


      More Details:

      The document consists of a large number of tables with "check mark" and "x" images. I want to replace all the check marks with a better looking and larger check icon. Same with the X marks.


      I can do this one by one:

      • Select in Links Window
      • Relink > choose the new image
      • Fit Frame to Content


      But with thousands of different images it would take weeks :\ Selecting multiple images in the links window doesn't work since it still asks me to select the same image each time. Help please!