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    Screen Grabs look horrible

    Lone Lobo Level 1

      I have 2 Premiere systems. One running 5.5 and one running 6.0.

      The system running 6.0 is a brand new build with lightyears more horsepower than the other system.  That being said I'm not talking about a speed issue. 

      I have screen grabs sent to me at 1920x1080. On the 5.5 system they look horrible even when rendered.  Like Premiere is resizing them, even though I make a New Sequence based on Clip (screen grab is the clip).

      On the 6.0 system they look pretty good, not stunning, but acceptable. Any ideas how to go about trouble shooting the 5.5 system?  Does 6.0 treat imported stills differently than 5.5?  The screen grabs are .png files.