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    Screen Grabs look horrible

    Lone Lobo Community Member

      I have 2 Premiere systems. One running 5.5 and one running 6.0.

      The system running 6.0 is a brand new build with lightyears more horsepower than the other system.  That being said I'm not talking about a speed issue. 

      I have screen grabs sent to me at 1920x1080. On the 5.5 system they look horrible even when rendered.  Like Premiere is resizing them, even though I make a New Sequence based on Clip (screen grab is the clip).

      On the 6.0 system they look pretty good, not stunning, but acceptable. Any ideas how to go about trouble shooting the 5.5 system?  Does 6.0 treat imported stills differently than 5.5?  The screen grabs are .png files.

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          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

          Is the screen resolution set to Full?

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            Lone Lobo Community Member

            If you are referring to the playback resolution in the program and source montitors-yes, both set to full.  

            One thing I forgot to mention is that the grabs look awesome in photoshop on the same monitors.  I know it's apples to oranges, but thought I'd mention it.

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              SAFEHARBOR11 MVP

              A few things - if using a STILL image to tell Premiere how to set up the new Sequence, how does it know what to use for frame rate, and what does it actually use? And what is the destination for the finished video - that will help determine the best project settings. You said it looks bad when rendered - rendered as what? Rendered on the timeline, or exported to another format using Adobe Media Encoder?


              More info please then we can try to better assist you. A screen grab of Sequence settings would be a good starting point. Also, if you can share the still image in question, others can test it to find best results/see what the problem might be.


              Thank you


              Jeff Pulera

              Safe Harbor Computers

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                Jim_Simon Community Member

                First thing I'd ask is how exactly are you viewing the exported video?