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    How can I get a frame accurate output to tape using Premiere Pro CS6 and a Blackmagic Decklink Extre

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      i can set the frame offeset inside the Export to tape tool (which BTW is horrible, you can't scrub, you MUST use ":" or ";" in the timecode fiellds or the deck just goes to the beginning of the tape etc), but I'm still 12 frames off.  there is a frame offset in the Blackmagic device control settings, but that does nothing for the output to tape.



      I don't want to have to export a quicktime and then open it in Final Cut to output to tape, the whole object is to get away from FCP because it's a horrible ghorrible program.....TIA


      This particular system is an 8core Nehelem Mac Pro with 32GB of ram, OS 10.7.5.