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    image is bigger on program monitor


      How do I make the program monitor the same as the source monitor in a current project without starting over - I understand that a problem in the sequence project settings or mismatch in clips but I can't seem to change anything. My second question how do return or reset all the settings from the day I loaded Adobe premiere in my computer. I have about six project that I want delete.

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Depending on your exact meaning, one of these two should do the trick.


          FAQ: How do I choose the right sequence settings?


          Windows>Workspace>Reset Current Workspace...

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            SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

            At lower left of Program monitor window, there is a little box with a drop down arrow. You should set the option to "Fit" so you always see the entire image in the window. Sometimes you may want to "enlarge" the video to examine details and then you could choose 100%, 200%, etc from the list.


            Not positive, has been covered here before, but I think if you hold "shift + F" while starting Premiere, it resets defaults. This does NOT delete any projects or media however.


            Hopefully, when you started each new project, you created a NEW folder on your hard drive, and then saved the project and all related media, captures, renders to that same folder, then it is simple to delete the one folder and everything is gone for that project. If all assets from multiple projects are jumbled together in a common area, then it could get interesting, since you don't want to accidentally delete things used in current projects.


            Not sure if there is an option in Premiere itself to delete an entire project including media. I think that would be dangerous. I know there is an option to "Consolidate" a project, which might discard unused assets, but I never use that and can't comment further, check the HELP files. Don't have access to Premiere machine right now to look.




            Jeff Pulera

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              turboramon Level 1

              Thanks for the info. The "shift+F fixed the problem and I reset everything to the original default setting. I made many changes in the new projects window that I completely changed everything. I am just learning Adobe premier and I can stand to lose any of the files that I created since there just learning project. Thanks again, ramon caballero