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    CQ 5.5 SP 2.1 prompting users for location data


      I recently had to rebuild our CQ 5.5 site from the ground up because of some PDF indexing issues introduced by an earlier conversion from CQ 5.4 to 5.5.  While I have our site running just fine for the most part on the latest service pack, users are seeing a request to share their location data with our website.



      We don't know why.  We're not asking for it directly that we are aware of, and the copy of our site on the older version of CQ 5.5 does not do this.


      I suspect that there is a setting or something that I have missed that was configured properly on our older site version, but I have been unable to find much of anything refering to the use of location data on CQ 5.5.


      I should probably mention that we are making use of the SiteCatalyst analytics system, which certainly could be requesting the information, even though it does not do so on the older system with which it shares its configuration and application.  EDIT: Removing Site Catalyst from the entire site had no impact, so I guess that it's not the problem.


      Any help would be aprpeciated.