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    Edge Animate - Graphics Quality and Images


      hello, I am loving Edge Animate. I am a little more geared for 3d animation for film and games. But I am catcing on fast. I have a lot of control in say Maya with my output settings, and I may be just not looking in the right place. HOWEVER I have included an image to help explain my issue.



      I have some pretty PNG 24 images that look great while I am working in Edge, but when I preview my animation, I have countless artifacting going on. Am I missing something to retain the integrety of my PNG images?





      One other question:  I am currently working on a 3d animation and was wondering if there were any methods to bring an image sequence into Edge yet. I would use the sprite method, but I will be working in high rez, and more than 300 frames. I am almost sure I can render the scene out of maya into just about any file format needed, and would LOVE to know the best method to bring a render img sequence into Edge.