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    Website running very slowly


      For the past few weeks, I've been experiencing a lot of headaches with the speed of the website. Even trying to do something as simple as scrolling down within one of my form designs has been a jerky and slow process. I click on a feature and have to then sit and wait for several seconds (probably up to 30 or 40) for the website to show any response.


      I've also now run into the problem of the site only saving a portion of a new form I was creating. I was able to completely create the form and was unaware of any problem until I went to test it. It's four pages long, but the test version only showed 2 pages (and not even all of the questions contained on page 2). It has now been saying that it's trying to save my form for approximately 5 minutes or more with no progress.


      Have any other customers complained of this issue, or do you know what could be causing it? I'm using a Mac OS X 10.6.8 and I've tried it on both Firefox & Google Chrome and have had the same issues of dragging and long pauses with both browsers.


      Thank you for your help.