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    Can't open many new InDesign files in CS6


      First, in case this is relevant, my company uses Google Drive as our cloud-based file system. My design team uses creative cloud and we're running into a problem with new InDesign (CS6) files being saved. That is, we can't open them, we get a dialog box saying that the file cannot be opened. At first this was just one or two files but now it is a large number of them. We discovered we CAN open them if we open them through InDesign "as a copy", and it will open without any problem. Obviously this isn't even close to ideal. Is Google Drive to blame? We used to have Dropbox and this never happened then, which is why I think it may have something to do with it.


      Note that sometimes a file can be opened while three or four other ones can't be.


      Thank you in advance!