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    Conditional User Defined Variable in TOC in RH10




      I have a single project created with conditional build tags for a product in multiple countries. The company name has been the same in all three countries, but now the company name in one country is about to change. I have created UDVs with conditional build tags to apply the appropriate company name when the help is produced (Yay for RoboHelp 10 for allowing this).


      There are 58 topics in the TOC that include the company name within the title of the topic. My problem is, if I include the UDV in a page title in the TOC, the conditional text is ignored.


      I am assuming this is because the TOC only allows for conditional builds to be applied to the page or book itself and not to text in the name of the page or book.


      Can someone please confirm this is the case? If so, I will be making a suggestion to Adobe.


      Thank you.