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    Premiere Pro is not responding and using 587% of CPU

    charoite72 Level 1

      My projects are going extrordinarily slow. and according to the activity monitor, Premiere Pro is using 587% of the CPU and the fan is going non-stop and the macbook is always very hot when I start this program. I feel this could physically damage my laptop if I left it running to render only 286 frames of a clip that takes over an hour to do at this high usage.


      Only this program does this to the CPU  When I turn it off Premiere Pro, the heat starts to cool off and the fan slows down, and it eventually goes quite again


      What would be causing this?


      I am using a new 15 inch macbook that is a few months old with 16 GB of RAM and 2.6 GHz processor.


      I feel Premiere Pro could could almost be a fire hazzard to my home. What is wrong with my system?  have there been previous lawsuites for CS6 for this issue?