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    Getting file data and displaying it in a dynamic text box

      The purpose of this function is to load and display a specific menu for a restaurant (lunch, dinner, dessert, etc.)

      This script is located inside of a movie clip that has the text box and buttons.

      There are 4 buttons that have event listeners that go to a function that determines which button was pushed, and then sends a call to loadMenu with a string that has the filename.txt.

      In frame 1 of the movie clip, the variables used in the code are declared as such:

      var newMenuRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest();
      var newMenuLoad:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
      var loadThisMenu:String = ""; //This is the variable the buttonclick function alters and sets as the string to send to the loadMenu.

      My error is 1195: attempted access of inaccessible method url with static type flash.net:URLRequest

      Any ideas?