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    How do I make Flash Builder use cuddled bracing?




      Over the weekend I signed up to Creative Cloud on a 12 month subscription. My IDE of choice for around 7 years now has been FlashDevelop but since Flash Builder is one of the available applications on Creative Cloud I decided to download it and give it a try.


      Upon opening the application, much to my horror I discovered that by default it uses next line bracing - a style I just do not like. No problem, I thought, I will just change the preferences to use cuddled bracing which is something every IDE on earth lets you do.


      So it turns out there's no easy option in Flash Builder to do that. No tick-box, no drop-down. What you have instead is a bunch of templates that you can manually change to look the way you want.


      The problem is, I've changed every ActionScript template and every file template to use cuddled bracing and yet when I create a new ActionScript project the damn thing STILL has next line bracing in the constructor. Just what does this application want from me?


      Right now this is a deal-breaker for me and until this is fixed I won't even start a project using Flash Builder. Could someone please tell me what you have to do to get cuddled bracing enabled throughout?