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    How important is the video card? ...Vs. the CPU?

    j.pady Level 1

      I'm on a tight budget, but I desperately need a faster computer. I'm currently using a Core 2 Duo upgraded to Win7 from XP with a Radeon 5450 card. It'll render OK, but playback on the timeline is very jerky, especially with more than one video track. (It used to work OK with XP & PrE2, but now I'm pushing it with PrE8 & PrE9).


      Question: Is jerky playback more due to the GPU or CPU?


      Last week I bought a Lenovo H430-57311430 (i5 quad, Win8, 8GB, Integrated Graphics 2500) from Staples for $380, but I'm still deciding whether to keep it or not (I have 14 days to return it).


      Questions: How important is a dedicated video card? Should integrated cards be avoided at all costs? Do you think the above i5 + integrated is better than my old Core 2 + dedicated, or should I toss it back?


      BTW, I don't expect to do intensive video editing. Mainly slideshows with some video clips & titles, but I also want enough power to do a simple green screen now & then.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          What is the material, that you are trying to edit?


          With CODEC's, like H.264 footage, the CPU is the most important.


          With most other CODEC's, it is the throughput of the HDD's.


          So long as a video card has at least 1GB of VRAM, and has good driver support (very, very important), just about any video card will work. Other than a very few Transitions and Effects, PrE does not really make use of the GPU. I would save my money there, just go with nVidia, or AMD/ATI, that is recent enough for good driver support.


          Good luck,



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            j.pady Level 1

            Thanks Bill. I'm not sure what material I'll be editing yet, but I'm encouraged that you said the CPU is more important because that's the bigger upgrade between my old Core 2 and new i5. Plus I can always try to upgrade the video card in the future.