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    Audio incorrectly translated in XML from FCP7 to Premiere Pro




      I'm sure others are dealing with this also, XMLs from FCP7 to Premiere 6.0.2 not translating audio levels correctly. I'm working on 10 episodes @ 30 min each and the rough cut of approx. 450 to 500 shots, all the audio is faded to -999db!?! Is there a work around for this? Whern I export an XML from the newly created Premiere project and import that into a new Premiere project, there's crazy keyframes all over the place so I really don't know what's going on!


      Any advice would be so much appreciated!


      My system -

      Mac pro 4,1 - OS 10.8.3

      Premiere pro 6.0.2

      Drivers up to date...


      Thanks in advance,