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    Strange Gradient Stroke Behavior on Some Path Corners


      Hello All,


      I'm a Photoshop user who has recently started learning Illustrator for a project. I am experiencing a strange behavior where some of the corners of a path with a gradient stroke overlap. In some of the corners, the stroke does not bend cleanly but leaves a strange artifact on the path (the stroke acts normally on the rest of the path including similarly angled corners). I am including pictures to illustrate what I mean.


      The stroke I am using has a linear gradient applied across it. The stroke starts with a solid color (black) with a hard edge against a gradient from green to transparent. Sometimes the artifact is on the transparent side of the stroke (first image), but sometimes it's on the hard edge side (2nd image - this is actually the same corner with the anchors manipulated). In the third image, you can see the issue on both the "transparent" edge (though as you can see in this image, it isn't actually transparent in places where the stroke overlaps itself) and the solid edge.


      I've done a lot of digging to try to find similar issues and tried many solutions - toggled snap to grid for the object, looked into miter limits, caps, and corners (I am using rounded corners), checked for stray anchors, changed points from corner to rounded, etc. Any advice is appreciated!


      Thank you very much for your time and input!






      Stroke Problem 1.jpgStroke Problem 3.jpgStroke Problem 2.jpgStroke Settings.jpg