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    Needing advise for my new project.


      I am a good photographer ; However I would like to be great, starting my own business, and I need some guidenance.

      I am interested in purchasing one of your products. That will allow me to extract photo's.

      I would also like to have one of your products that may have various backgrounds, that I can use for wedding, graduation photo's , etc.

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          First of all, we are all just users here. It isn't "our" software. There are a few employees who help out now and then, but you are not addressing the Marketing or Sales departments.


          This forum is for video editors. You probably want to look at Adobe Photoshop. I m not sure what you mean by "extract" photos, but Photoshop is a program that really allows you to manipulate photographs.


          For backgrounds, there are stock photography sites that offer such things, but Adobe does not sell any backgrounds that I know of.