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    Image stabilization and resizing a clip

    preditorj40153117 Level 1

      I am working in PPro in a 720p SEQ. The footage however is 1080p. We shot this from a car moving at about 30mph and it was handheld out of the window so the footage is shaky at some points. In my SEQ some of the shots were reframed using size in the FX tab of the source monitor. All of the clips are centered.


      when i go to AE and stablize a clip it is coming into AE and is stabling at 720p. I believe this to be normal behavior but i would like to negate that. When i come back to the SEQ in PPro with the stablized clip i can not increase the size to get rid of the black areas. Ae, because it is dealing with the SEQ settings sent to it from PPro does not recognize that i have 30% more clip to resize with so it will not allow me to use this extra space in the Ae comp.


      There would be a lot of trial and error if i export the clip from PPro stabilize and relize that the shake is too great or that theres a better clip. So is there a way of stablizing a clip shipped from PPro to Ae and comeback with the extra clip space or ship to Ae and have AE recognize the extra space i have?


      I have considered copy/paste to a 1080p SEQ > ship to AE and once it gets back to PPro, copy/paste agian to a new 720p SEQ. Not sure if thats my only route or if it will work without image quality loss.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Why not just stabilize in Premiere Pro?

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            There are a bunch of ways to stabilize. To get the best results for really shaky footage I stick with AE. I don't know which method you are using but if it is what I think I would just bring the shot you want to stabilize into AE, stabilize it. Scale it up so that it fills the screen, do any color or sharpness treatments you need to do, then render the result to a production codec and import that into Premiere Pro. Just make sure that the comp settings match the footage and, if you need to change the output size say from 720 to 1080, nest your stabilized comp in a properly sized comp and then scale it up to fill the frame.

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              Matt Dubuque Level 1

              If you have a CMOS sensor on your camera, which seems likely, you may also want to explore correcting the rolling shutter, which can be a real issue on footage shot from a moving car with such cameras.


              This feature is available in CS6.

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                preditorj40153117 Level 1

                I go to Ae so much, I had never thought to see if premier could stabilize. this is a good tip. Todd



                I was thinking this also but i was worried about the loss of slip editing. Some of the clips are 45s-1m30s. Thats a lot of long processing on a quad 3.0. I am also editing raw mts and Ae cant see that as far as i know. I would have to go to an intermeiate and the SEQ is already cut 80% of the way. I am not the best pre-planner. I just go with the route that has the least resistence. lol



                I shot with a HMC150 1/3 chip. 0 rolling shutter but i was about 1minute away from shooting on the GH3's we just got. (Panasonic Bias)