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    How to volume serialize photoshop elements 11

    VenkatConsultant Level 1

      Hi I have been trying to volume serialize photoshop elements. For this I am trying to register my adobe ID with the the following command in command prompt..

      Please help me if the leid is correct. I have tried the same command for adobe photoshop CS6 it worked great for me.

      Help me with whats going wrong in this case?


      adobe_prtk.exe --tool=Serialize --leid=PhotoshopElements-EMT11-Win-GM --serial=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx --adobeid=xxxx@company.com


      Return code = 14


      The return code is explained in the following website.


      14Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.
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          ShefaliG Level 2



          PSE 11 win is an msi installer unlike that of Ps CS6.

          Also, before I can help with you want to do, I'd please like to know what you mean by "volume serialize elements 11".


          Do you mean that you want to serialize pse11 with a volume serial key. If yes, it'll be the same as serializing your application with a retail key or any other type of a serial number.

          If you mean to serialize your app installations on multiple machines, you could again use the same serial number on all the machines. Adobe id/serial number association doens't work on pse11 as it does on Ps CS6 as they're on different versions of provisioning/licensing.



          ~ Shefali