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    Working with Downloaded Forms Offline




      Is it possible for users to download a created form and then fill it out later without an internet connection? Then later, upload the saved form in order to submit the reponses once an internet connection is available?  I am traveling to a remove region where internet connection is unreliable, but need to record observations/reponses with an Adobe Form on the go.


      If you need more clarification/details in order to respond, I am happy to speak with someone over the phone. 



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          Bethany/Alta Level 1

          For anyone who is interested, I just chatted with the help-desk. This function definitely works.


          You need to create your form on FormCentral. Send it out. Have the respondents save the PDF to their desktop. Fill out the form (offline, if necessary), saving as many versions of the form as needed. Once internet connect is regained, open the saved form and hit the Submit Form button at the bottom of the page. The responses will be sent to your FormCentral data bank.


          This works, as I have tested it myself.