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    InDesign CS6 crash on startup


      Hi all,


      I know this problem is been going around for month's but as I've been reading topics on this forum and on others for a few hours now and still didn’t find an answer (as most topics were not updated in month's) I hope it’s actually solved now.

      We have a big corporate environment with de TEMP caches from Windows 7 64 Bit on de D: drive (set in environment variables) Since then we had problems with both Bridge CS6 and InDesign CS6. Now on the long search I’ve found a fix for Bridge as this update :AdobeBridge_5.0.2_mul_AdobeUpdate(64-bit) fixes the issue and allows Bridge to look on the D:TEMP.

      So that’s part of my issue’s gone now just the InDesign issue left. All possible workarounds (I don’t call them sollutions) involve on making strange settings and in the end also putting back the environment settings back to appdata or making users local administrators but that’s something I cannot do in the corporate environment were I’m in.

      As there was a patch for Bridge I hope Adobe also made a patch to fix this very annoying (and same) bug in InDesign.


      Please let me know!


      Kind Regards,