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    Embed or stream YouTube video in ePub (ID cs5) ?

    1993 M



      I have an ePub textbook that contains a lot of YouTube videos, and I am wondering if there's a way I can add these videos to the ePub so that they are viewable on (at least the major) ereaders?


      I have google searched this topic, and it seems like there is a feature in ID cs5.5 that allows you to do just this. Unfortunately, though, my workplace is only able to provide access to ID cs5 and below, so I have to find a workaround.


      Like I said, there are a lot of videos in the file. Before I started using ID to make the ePub, I had used iBooks Author, and there were widgets available that let you simply stream a video from YouTube as opposed to embedding it in the ePub itself. This was pretty wonderful as it helped keep the ePub's file size low.


      So I guess in summary, these are my questions:


      -How do I go about adding a video to an ePub in ID cs5?

      -Is it possible to let users stream a video on an external site instead of embedding the video in the ePub file itself?


      Any help is very much appreciated!