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    I finally got SmartSound to work -- by running a "patch" from SmartSound

    whsprague Adobe Community Professional

      I am a happy user of the lynda.com training provided by Steve Grisseti.  It is very good.


      One of his pieces in the course shows how to use SmartSound.  He shows how you can pick one of a dozen provided soundtracks, adjust and modify it for your taste and then set a precise length.  The last step is to press a "Send" button and your "adjusted" sound track pops into your timeline. 


      PrE11 does not install with SmartSound working.  The first time you press the (tiny) SmartSond button in the Music tab, it tells you installation is needed, leads you to an adobe website and instructs you to download a .zip file.   There are instructions on how to find "setup.exe" about six folders deep.  Running setup connects again to the internet and downloads a bunch of files that I think are the free music tracks. 


      This all works well, except even after two uninstalls and reinstalls the result of pressing the final "Send" button did not do what is in the Grisetti's training.  Instead of dropping the music track into the timeline it directed me to the SonicFire/SmartSound website where I could buy SonicFire Pro 5 for $100.   You can see the screen shots in the thread I started a few weeks ago:  http://forums.adobe.com/message/5124893#5124893 .  No matter what I did, not a single music track made it into my project.


      In frustration I emailed SmartSound customer support.  Within less than an hour I got an email back saying the Adobe provided zip file is faulty and needs a patch.  The patch is downloaded here:  http://www.smartsound.com/support/updates.html?product=sfp5


      Now it works exactly like it does in Grisetti's lynda.com training.


      Bill S