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      I just lost 8 hours of work to the piece of [Removed profanity] program! It's one thing for a program to crash and not save the most recent changes. Flash just crashed and reduced my file to a 4kb unmountable piece of garbage. Eight hours worth of work, gone in a split second. [Removed profanity]!! I've seen it do this before, long ago, but thought they'd worked out that bug. So what are we to do, save AND back up every five minutes to protect our work?


      Anyone know how to revovery this kind of disaster?


      Flash CS5, Mac


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          moccamaximum Level 5

          Change the file extension of your fla to zip and see what is left, but I doubt it is much if there are only 4kb left.

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            sinious Most Valuable Participant

            Everyone understands your frustration, we've all been there before. Please refrain from the profanity, it'll just make your post less desirable to read (that includes acronyms). Also please don't double post, you won't get answers any quicker.



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              Sinious... I'm going to assume you're some brand of puritanical robot, what with your Pollyanna whining. That wasn't profanity. It was simulated profanity. Any self respecting human would know the difference. And they also weren't acronyms. Someone needs to update that part of your programming with the correct definition of the term.

              The expressing of frustration creates change. In this world where major players like Adobe have themselves insulated behind layers of buffoons regurgitating thoughtless repititions of, "Everyone understands your frustration", a little in-your-face reminder that people don't like investing their production time in such garbage software is a good thing.


              The reach for a solution with the decompiler was not to steal copyrighted material. Read the post. It was to salvage 8 hours worth of work. If I needed and asked for a screwdriver, would you refuse because a screwdriver could easily be used to pry open the door of a person's home and stab someone in the eye? Not everyone's a criminal.


              Try thinking on your feet next time.


              So go ahead, kill my posting for being beligerent and hurting your tiny widdle ears.

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                Profanity, in its literal or cybersafe form, is against the forum EULA you agreed to upon signing up. I'm merely enforcing the rule. Acronyms that are well known and contain it will also be removed.


                You're free to use other software if you feel what you have is so poor.


                Just the same, people here have no idea who you are nor know what you want to decompile. And the analogy would fit quite a bit more if you were looking for a slim jim to unlock "your own" car.


                Try implementing a valid means of backing up your work often in your workflow. My agency has several OSX machines running all different versions of OSX as well as Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. We have no such issues that you're experiencing. You may want to look around for a conflicting application.


                Coming here asking for help while directly attacking people, doubling up posts, certainly won't help you.