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    Issue with help integration




      I have developed the help content using RH10. Developers have integrated the CHM file in the application using map ids. Help content opens correctly. However, the left content tab in the Help always displays the default topic and does not change with the content in the right pane.

      I have selected the Auto Synchronize TOC option in RH when generating CHM help file to synchronize pages in Content tab with the topics displayed in the right pane. Still it is not working.

      Is there any way to select the left pane content dynamically as per map id or displayed content?

      Is the issue with CHM file or with the help integration in application?

      Developers are using C#.Net as application coding language.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          This is actually a two part operation. You have already covered one of the parts. That is to ensure the "Auto-Synchronize" option has been enabled in the Window properties for the CHM.


          The part you are likely missing is the "Always Show Selection" and that is enabled in the TOC properties. To enable this, edit the Single Source Layout properties. Then click the Edit button on the properties dialog. Next, click the TOC Styles tab. Enable the option labeled "Always Show Selection", re-compile and you should be set!


          Cheers... Rick

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