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    InDesign's Pen Tool Picks Random Stroke and Fill Colors/Styles

    smellboss Level 1

      Why is it that, when I switch from a tool to the Pen tool, InDesign decides it's going to apply random stroke and fill colors to the shape? I do a lot of bump-out silhouttes and basic illustrations in InDesign, and almost every time I go to the Pen tool, there's a stroke and fill applied. The colors aren't even the same each time it happens, and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason. On top of that, InDesign has decided (over the last couple of days) to apply "Registration" as a fill color. The last time I even clicked on Registration in the Swatches panel was after installing CS5.5 to see if it could be deleted (it can't), so there's no way the program is applying the fill color based on my inputs. It's inconceivable to me that a swatch you're not supposed to use is selected by the program for no good reason.


      Applying no stroke and no fill in the Swatches panel without any documents open does not work.