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    Lost account


      I have several e-books (epub) but since a computer crash without backup, my Adobe account is not longer available and I lost my password.

      When I start a new downloaded Digital Editions and set a new account, al my books appear on the screen, but I cannot read them for they belong to my first account (which is lost since the crash.)

      What can I do with this account problem?


      Thanks in advance for your solution.

      Martin Jansen

      Lochem, The Netherlands

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          sjpt Level 4

          If you know the old account name, you can go to the Adobe website and get a new password.

          If you don't know the name either then I am afraid you are probably stuck.

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            Martinus80 Level 1

            Hi SJPT,

            Thank you for your advice.

            After a couple of hours(!) thinking about, I did remember

            my former accountname (e-mailaddress) of four years ago.

            So lucky me!

            Digital Editions? It's now all working again and excellent.

            Thank you once more.

            All the best to you from


            Martin Jansen

            Lochem - The Netherlands