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    Need to global find and scale and resize frame on a linked graphic

    E Diane King Level 2

      I have a whole set of files that contain multiple instances of an icon set (placed AI file). All of these are formatted to flow in the text as anchored objects with various object styles. I need to make sure that all instances of the placed AI icons are scaled to 30% and that their frames are fit to content. I have a LOT of files and each one has at least 20 of these icons. I thought the Object find and replace would help, but unfortunately it will not let you search for links, and while I can search for the object styles, there's no option to change scale and the fit content options does not have the "fit frame to content" (and doesn't work anyway from the few tests I ran using "fit content proportionally"). 


      Does anyone have any ideas for how I can fix this globally in nearly 500 documents without having to manually select each icon and change the scale and apply the fit frame to content? I've done a handful of files this way, and it's VERY time consuming.